The development trend of carbon fiber

The development trend of carbon fiber

Since the industrial production of carbon fiber, countries around the world have paid special attention to its application development. As the price continues to decrease, its application range is gradually promoted from the aviation and aerospace fields that meet high performance requirements to the cultural and civil fields.


At present, the market demand for carbon fiber is basically in North America, Europe, and Asia. Divided by application fields, carbon fiber products are mainly used in aerospace, sports and leisure products, and other industries, and their overall consumption ratios and focuses are different.


Because carbon fiber composites have high specific strength, good design, good structural dimensional stability, good fatigue fracture resistance and large-area integral molding, as well as special electromagnetic properties and wave-absorbing stealth characteristics, they have been widely used in the production of military applications. , Civil aircraft and strategic missiles and launch vehicles, the demand has grown steadily.

Carbon fiber is a structural material with superior performance and high added value. Since its commercialization, its application range has gradually penetrated from the initial aerospace and military sectors to the civilian field, and has now expanded to the entire industrial and civilian fields. .


With the continuous deepening of applied research, especially in the civilian area, the application field will continue to be expanded and the usage will be expanded. According to research, in addition to the further application of carbon fiber in aerospace and sporting goods, industrial-grade carbon fiber will be widely used in civil construction, transportation, automobile, energy and other fields in recent years.


It can be seen that the current development trend of carbon fiber is as follows, product performance tends to be high-performance, and the price will be greatly reduced. Especially with the large-scale production of large tow carbon fiber, its price will continue to decrease, and the consumption of civilian industry will continue to maintain a trend of substantial increase.


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